Welcome! Your web site is now ready. You can upload your pages!

Every file and every graphic you load to your site *must* be in the directory (folder) named "public_html"
or they will not work.

If you are using FrontPage do *not *use an FTP program or you will corrupt the extensions.
You must 'publish' your pages from within FrontPage itself.

>>>>    This page is titled index.html        :::        Replace it with your own index.html     <<<<

(not index.htm) as it will be the page visitors see when they type www.YourName.com into their browser
If you want to use index.htm then delete our index.html or yours will not show.

 HINTS to create an attractive to see, pleasing to visit web site!
  • Don't have music on your homepage. Why? Because it will crash the computer of visitors who are using an older browser, and it is offensive, forcing a visitor to listen to music you like - maybe they hate it and you will not see that visitor again.
  • Don't have many flashy colors on your pages.
  • Do keep your fonts of a readable size.
  • Do check your spelling!
  • Don't use the same animation more than twice.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: OPTIMIZE your graphics. Scan them using the web format resolution of 72 or 96 dpi and NOTHING larger (the larger formats are for printing and the web *cannot* view them at any larger than 96 dpi). The larger sizes make your graphics bloated and very slow to load as well as taking up your space unnecessarily. A typical graphic size should be 10-25 kb in size only.

If you have any difficulties please contact our Support Team at any time.

Make a note of our support site now: www.SupportWorld.info

Enjoy your hosting experience with us
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